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IndustrialPTFE Fabrics

Here we offer PTFE coated fabrics and PTFE film laminated fabrics designed to meet the ultimate requirements of our customers' applications. What differentiates our PTFE fabrics from others is the excellent release properties and dimensional stability at temperature extremes, as well as chemical resistance and clean-ability. Silicone coated fabrics offer practical temperature and chemical resistance, surface release, weather-ability, dielectric strength and FDA compliance at more narrow widths.

Specialty & Structural Fabrics:

BETA® Cloth - Designed and made to withstand the harsh environment of space, this material is used in the International Space Station and on the Space Shuttle. It is most often part of multi-layer insulation required to protect sensitive and expensive equipment.

SHEERFILL® and FABRASORB® Architectural Membranes:

These are the products of choice for fabric structures, used in landmark structures around the world, including the Millennium Dome in London and the newest stadiums in Houston and Phoenix.

RAYDEL® Microwave Transmissive Fabrics:

Designed to provide exceptional performance from small planar covers used in point-to-point transmission to large air-supported radomes designed to house and protect the most advance communication equipment. The hydrophobic PTFE coating allows for a clear signal to be maintained through the fabric no matter the weather conditions. It also provides a self-cleaning service, ensuring trouble-free service for years.


Applications are in electronics, environmental, food processing, architectural, aerospace, communications, protective clothing and other industrial markets.


Laminates, electrical insulation, communications, food processing, heat sealing, chemical processing, screen printing, power generation, automotive, and aerospace.

CHEMFAB® PTFE-coated fabrics offer excellent temperature, chemical, and fire resistance, release surface, weather-ability, dielectric properties, and are FDA compliant. CHEMFAB® specialty coated fabrics combine outstanding chemical, thermal and weathering properties with strength and durability.

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